Award Night

Welcome back to the new week..Monday Monday..Ugh! Last night the Academy Awards were on, and normally I don’t watch them, but I was intrigued to see the outfits and who was going to win in each category. Take a look at what some of the stars had to wear..

I love love Kate Winslet

I was so excited she won for Best Actress!

She also gave a great Acceptance speech! I love Sandra Bullock!

Love Tina Fey and Elizabeth Banks

Ben Stiller was just disturbing..but oh so funny

Okay..So..I am so sorry, but Kathy Ireland was so uncomfortable to watch. She did this weird thing with her right hand the whole time and her hair was a nightmare. I am so sorry..but it is so true.

Kathy Ireland


One response to “Award Night

  1. I am sooooo happy that Sandra Bullock won!! I loved Demi’s dress the most. She looks amazing for her age!!

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