What’s On Your Stero?

This morning while I was getting ready I always have my ipod playing and rocking out while I blow dry my hair and find something to wear. I scrolled down and came upon 311 and started to play their self titled album 311. BROUGHT ME BACK! So..in lieu of my 27th birthday coming up, I decided to write down some memorable items in the 90’s which was the time that I was growing up. Today we’ll start with what I was listening to in the 90’s. Its pretty eclectic which is how I still am!

So..To Kick off the list..The repeated item that played CONSTANTLY in my TAPE PLAYER was Green Day’s Album, Dookie. Basket Case was my favorite song! haha! When I Come Around was right up there with it. This was my first tape that had bad language in it..hehe! Love it..Billy Joe I fell in love with!

Next..I had No Doubt’s, Tragic Kingdom. Gwen..rockin’ her AMAZING wardrobe signing “I’m Just a Girl.” I was so jealous of her style back then. To this day I’m still Jealous of it. 🙂

To mellow out my mood..The Verve Pipe..Freshman. I was listening to this on Youtube this morning and seriously forgot how much I LOVE this song! I was talking to my sister through Instant Message and wrote out the lyrics for her..just in case she forgot the song. hehe!

Bringin’ it to the Grunge phase..Nirvana, Smells Like Team Spirit. Amazing song. STILL love this album.

Lastly..When my sister was in high school she dated a guy that absolutely loved Sublime..which then in turn I started to listen to. I had to listen to what the “cool kids” were listening to. Plus..My sister use to tease me because I had a little crush on her boyfriend. hehe!

Wow..I could go on and on..but this just gives you a brief glimpse of what was playing on my Boom Box Circa 1993! Happy Tuesday!


One response to “What’s On Your Stero?

  1. Awesome choices! Pretty much the same as my cd player! Although I dont know the Verve Pipe.
    (I’m from indie biz!)

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